Family & Consumer Science


This program trains students for jobs in culinary arts, dietetic aide, catering, institutional food service, restaurant, and retail food service occupations. Emphasis is placed on safety regulations and emergency procedures throughout the course. Sanitation and proper food handling are taught. Instruction is given in nutrition and menu development. Food preparation and service may take place with opportunities to serve other students or prepare and serve at local events. 

Human Services Pathways

Family and Consumer Sciences................190101

Required Courses (at least 2 of the following)

Child Development 1 Foods and Nutrition 2
Child Development 2 Housing and Interiors 1
Family and Consumer Sciences 1 Housing and Interiors 2
 Family and Consumer Sciences 2 Human Development: Responsible Life Choices 1
Family Life Education 1 Human Development: Responsible Life Choices 2
Family Life Education 2 Parenting Education 1
Fashion, Fabric and Design 1 Parenting Education 2
Fashion, Fabric and Design 2 Sports Nutrition 1
Financial Fitness 1 Sports Nutrition 2
Financial Fitness 2 Family and Consumer Sciences, work-based credit
Foods and Nutrition 1  

Additional approved courses if needed to meet state-recognized program requirements

Culinary Arts 1 Interior Design 1
Early Childhood Education 1 Introduction to Culinary Arts
Fashion Design and Apparel Construction 1 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Food Science and Dietetics 1 Introduction to Teaching 1